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Meet the Doula

Residing in Squamish, BC with her partner, Eric, two kidlets, and a kitty, Ashley became a certified doula after the birth of her first child. Since that time, she has juggled making her own young family with attending births and continued education and training, including courses on fetal positioning techniques, maternal comfort measures, acupressure, rebozo techniques, and supporting NICU parents and babies. She is a full-spectrum doula, committed to supporting all expressions of pregnancy. Believing that how a family experiences birth really does set a lifelong trajectory, she adores helping clients create a unique, peaceful and joyous transformation, whatever that may look like for them. Ashley is a member of the BC Doula Services Association, as well as the Tantalus Wellspring Society, a Squamish-based charity that assists those experiencing barriers in accessing mental wellness therapies. 

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