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Blog Post: Nets

Last weekend, I visited my friend Ron. He lives up north a bit on some sprawling, wild acreage. There’s no ocean nearby, so naturally, one may wonder why there are piles upon piles of fishing net. And when I say piles, I mean thousands of pounds of the stuff. Turns out, Ron caught wind of a hot deal – all coming from a de-commissioned fish farm.

“Well, good for you, net-hoarder,” I replied, “that still doesn’t answer the question!” I pressed for details. “EWOK VILLAGE”, he gleamed…

When Ron heard of the netting for sale he got this vision in his head for his kids, and for the kids of the whole neighbourhood. A Return of the Jedi set masterpiece, recreated in the woods of British Columbia. When I heard the whole story, and the plan, I felt that lumpy, throat-choke feeling I get when I hear about something beautiful. I guess I got swept up in the symbolism.

     What does a fish farm mean to you? Another vain attempt at greater output for less effort, this attempt at mastery over nature? Efficiency at all costs without looking at the bigger picture? As a society, we’re waking up to the harm – that this method is not healthy, is not sustainable. 

And so here’s my buddy, Ron, reaping the rewards of its fire-sale components and re-purposing them for something beautiful, something to improve the human and collective experience – preserving and promoting the magic of childhood.    

     So, OF COURSE, my mind brings this back to birth. 

What technology is normalized to us that is actually detrimental? What are we sold because it’s the ‘modern’ way despite a tried, tested, and true, and more balanced alternative? What, in contrast, is pure, free, and fundamental? As instinctual as a child’s desire to frolic in the forest?

    For a burgeoning family, these are questions worth asking.

Onward, and inward!

x MamaBeam

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  1. Shannon Cunningham says:

    These are definitely questions worth asking. I look forward to more blog posts from you MamaBeam. I like the way you write and think- a lot. Thank you.

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